A good stepper motor supplier you can do business with
A good stepper motor supplier you can do business with

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FUDE ELECTRONIC is a reputable manufacturer of stepper motors and linear motion units. As a renowned stepper motor supplier, FUDE ELECTRONIC is dedicated to providing extremely reliable and efficient linear stepping motors and linear motion units for various purpose uses.

Developing a new product needs many components. one in all the foremost necessary things is to confirm the reliability of the items. The stepper motor manufactured by FUDE ELECTRONIC meets the these requirements: high dependableness, straightforward maintenance, and high-value performance. Our nema stepper motor is created to face up to years of sustained use. We are one of reputable stepper motor brands that worth making a cooperation with.

When selecting a linear stepper motor, the factors we want to think about are load, thrust (axial load), speed, repeat positioning accuracy, etc. FUDE ELECTRONIC has skilled application engineers to assist customers with the right choice of linear stepper motors and linear motion units.


1. Linear stepper motor: The linear stepper motor includes the motor body, ACME quadrangle screw, and engineering plastic nut. Linear stepper motors square measure wide employed in medical, automatic testing instrumentation, analytical instruments, valve management, communications, and alternative application fields. Compared with ancient stepper motors, no extra couplings and alternative devices square measure needed, which improves the dependableness and accuracy of the merchandise. Wait.
2. Ball Screw Motor: Ball screw motors embrace stepper motors and ball screws, that have a large variety of applications within the field of automation. Ball screw motors will save the house and cut back prices for purchasers in product style. particularly the through-shaft ball screw motor brings additional convenience to customers within the style method.
3. Linear motion unit: The linear motion unit includes linear stepping motors, guide rails, and metallic element profiles. the applying of a linear motion unit simplifies the customer's analysis and development cycle. Designed for tiny and medium-sized batch production, the merchandise embraces the twenty-eight, 35, 42, 57 series.
4. Stepper driver: FUDE ELECTRONIC has withdrawn a variety of superior subdivision drives, which might optimize the running performance of the motor. At the identical time, we will conjointly select a cheap and usable drive for you in step with your completely different applications.
5. made-to-order design: FUDE ELECTRONIC provides made-to-order services for purchasers. merchandise include: custom screw diameter and pitch, closed-loop linear stepper motor, integrated drive and management linear stepper motor, and nut customization (copper, PTFE, PEEK, POM, etc.)


FUDE ELECTRONIC owns an efficient and experienced team, and the seasoned members have more than 10 years of manufacturing experience in the stepper motor industry. We are a good stepper motor supplier committed to providing customers with unparalleled solutions for stepper motors and stepper motion applications. Welcome for your stepper motor projects.




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