About the wiring method of stepper motor
About the wiring method of stepper motor

Regarding the wiring method of our stepper motor, at present, the two-phase stepper motor has 4 wires and 6 wires. The 4-wire stepper motor only needs to distinguish 2 groups, A group and B group, and the two wires are wound around One group, if the motor shaft runs with resistance, it is one group. You can also test with a multimeter.


Since the current stepper motor drivers are bipolar, that is to say, there are only 2 groups, and the wiring method of the 4-wire is the same as that of the 4-wire. Generally, the two middle taps can not be connected.


At present, domestic stepping motors are generally four-wire, and Japanese stepping motors are six-wire. In fact, the extra white and black wires of Japanese motors are high-speed interface wires, which means that if high-speed operation is required, low-load conditions are required. Two wires can be connected below. When a large torque is required, change the white to red and black to yellow. Japanese equipment may have CNC switching in-house without manual wire change. Domestic stepper motor manufacturers shield this function.

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