An Introduction to Nema 17 Motor and Nema 23 Motor
An Introduction to Nema 17 Motor and Nema 23 Motor

Nema 23 motor, Nema 17 motor

There are different tools used for motion but rotation movement is something that can be achieved with servo motors, stepper motors and DC motors. A stepper motor is used when there is the need of rotation and high load. There are different varieties of stepper motors available in the market.

Nema 23 motor

The Nema 23 motor is used for motoring smart devices that require the best solution for carrying high load by the use of specific load and torque with low voltages. The Nema 23 is perfect for CNC machines, 3D printers, robot arms and engraving machines. In different low-speed devices that require smart and technologically advanced smart rotatory movements at a certain speed without missing out on a single step, the Nema 23 stepper motors can prove to be highly useful.

This motor features 3Nm torque-speed which is changeable simple by applying varied operating speeds. The torque is completely dependent on a number of factors which include applying voltages, current and third factor induction of coil within motor. The motor rotation requires magnetic field for making a single step. The time needed for making the coil completely magnetic is completely dependent on the coil induction. In this category, the Nema 17 motor is a hybrid stepping motor that can be used in the form of a bipolar or unipolar stepper motor.

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