Can one driver control multiple stepper motors?
Can one driver control multiple stepper motors?

Some people often ask how many stepping motors can your driver carry when selecting stepping motors? Let's explain it for you.

Theoretically, a driver can take several stepper motors. The practical application is divided into two cases, time-sharing and synchronous.

Two or more motors work in time sharing and can share one stepper motor driver. The power selection of stepper driver and driving power supply can be configured according to the requirements of one stepper motor. The respective actions of two stepper motors are switched through relays.

However, this scheme has two disadvantages: one is the loss of accuracy. The phase of stepping motor will be lost in the process of relay switching, especially repeated switching will lead to cumulative error. Moreover, it is in the enabled state after switching, and its position on the device may be lost. Another disadvantage is that it is easy to damage. If the relay is damaged or the program is wrong, it may damage the stepper motor driver and even the power supply.

Two or more stepper motors work synchronously and can share one driver. Firstly, the maximum output current of stepper motor driver shall be greater than or equal to the sum of rated current of several stepper motors. Secondly, because the reverse electromotive force is high when the stepping motor starts and stops synchronously, it will have a certain impact on the driver, resulting in the shortening of the service life of the driver in this application state.

Can a driver carry more than one stepper motor? Yes, but a reasonable scheme is that a stepping motor corresponds to a stepping driver.

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