Causes and solutions of motor heating
Causes and solutions of motor heating

The motor generates heat for many reasons, usually accompanied by an abnormal sound and a burning smell. At this time, turn off the power immediately. And carefully check the cause of the failure.
The reason why the motor heats up is caused by 21 reasons:
1. The room temperature is too high
2. Poor heat dissipation
3. Overload
4. Overvoltage, undervoltage or unbalanced voltage
5. Frequent start and stop or frequent forward and reverse rotation
6, lack of phase
7. The fan is broken or the air inlet and outlet are blocked
8. Bearing lack of oil
9. The machine is stuck and blocked
10. The load moment of inertia is too large and the starting time is too long
11. Short circuit between turns
12. The internal wiring of the new motor is incorrect
13. The star-delta wiring is wrong
14. Star-delta or self-dual step-down start-up load restart time is long or abnormal conversion due to failure
15, the motor is damp
16. Broken bar of squirrel cage asynchronous motor rotor
17. The rotor winding of the wound asynchronous motor is broken or the resistance is unbalanced
18. Rotor sweep bore
19.The harmonics of the power supply are too large, such as large rectifier equipment, high-frequency equipment, etc. nearby
20. The magnetic flux of the motor core after multiple maintenance is reduced
21. Some motors have poor winding technology

The temperature increase of the motor caused by other non-mechanical and electrical failure causes may also cause the motor to fail in severe cases. If the ambient temperature is high, the motor lacks a fan, the fan is incomplete, or the fan cover is missing. In this case, it must be forced to cool to ensure ventilation or replace the fan blades, otherwise the normal operation of the motor cannot be guaranteed.
In order to use the correct method to deal with motor faults, it is necessary to be familiar with the characteristics and causes of common motor faults, grasp the key factors, and perform regular inspections and maintenance to keep the motor in a normal operating state. So as to ensure the normal production of the workshop.

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