Do you know about hybrid stepper motors?
Do you know about hybrid stepper motors?

What is a hybrid stepper motor?

Hybrid stepper motors, which are DC motors with brushless motors, move at specific angles (called "stepping") by converting an array of electrical pulses to rotary motion. They don't produce continuous motion with a continuous input voltage but they can stay in a certain position as long the power is on. For control, hybrid stepper motors use discrete electric pulse signals. Each pulse rotates the stepper motor shaft at a fixed angle known as a "step". Hybrid stepper motors are available in a variety of different step angles (0.45deg, 0.9deg, 1.8deg).

The motor will spin continuously if the pulses follow a prescribed sequence. Speed can be controlled by how fast the pulses are sent. This natural step angle allows the stepper motor position to be precise without making any errors. The interaction of the magnetic fields between the stator and rotor creates stepper motors that produce their output torque. The current applied to the winding, as well as the number of turns made by the winding, determines the magnetic field strength.

Many applications require repeatable and precise positioning. They are used in aerospace and defense, automation, packaging, medical printing and engraving, security systems and surveillance systems, semiconductors and solar and green technologies.

Hybrid stepper motors offer many advantages.

Reliable and low maintenance

Open-loop operation. No feedback is required for speed or position control.

Non-accumulative position error

They are inherently safer than servo controlled motors

Applications of hybrid stepper engines.

Standard setting is 1.8deg. Lower stepping resolutions can be used of 0.9deg and 1.8deg. They have high dynamic and static torque characteristics (response time to stop, reverse and start). Hybrid stepper motors can be used in a variety of industrial and domestic applications such as


Digital watches

Magnetic tape drives


XY plotters, recorders.

Motion control systems.

If you want to know more about hybrid stepper motors, please feel free to consult our product manager.

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