Do you know about stepper motors?
Do you know about stepper motors?

One of the three main types are stepper motors. The other two are DC motors or servomotors. A brushless motor's centre shaft does not touch anything in order to cause it to turn. A stepper motor instead uses an electromagnet to cause it to turn. It is located concentrically around its central shaft. Electromagnets allow an electric current to flow through wire wound around a soft magnet. This creates a magnetic field that rotates the central shaft. It aligns the "teeth", or shaft, with the teeth of any energized electromagnet. There are only two electromagnets for stepper motors. They are located 90 degrees apart.

When precise positioning or speed control are required, stepper motors can be used. These motors are basically brushless DC motors and move in the same amount of steps as full rotation.

They are called stepper motors. Each electrical pulse causes the motor's rotation to take one step. A driver controls stepper motors. He sends pulses to the motor, and it then turns.

What are the benefits of stepper motors

Perfect positioning is ideal for applications that need repeatable, precise steps (think 3D printers and X-Y plotters).

Stepper motors provide excellent speed control for process automation and robotics applications.

Stepper motors with maximum torque at low speeds - steppermotors are ideal for applications that require high precision at low speeds. Conventional DC motors don't have much torque at low speeds.

Hybrid stepper motors combine the benefits of permanent magnets with reactance. They are available in three phases: 2-phase, 3-phase, and 5-phase. The 2 phase stepping angle typically is 1.8 degrees, while the 3 phase angle is usually 1.2 degrees. The 5 phase angle is typically 0.72 degrees.

Hybrid stepper motors use magnetic rotors to produce more torque at the same current as reactive stepper motors. They also have lower step angles. This is why economical CNC machines require hybrid stepper motors or stepper motor drivers. Hybrid rotor structures, which are more complicated than reactive stepper motors, have lower speeds and higher rotor inertia.

Hybrid stepper motor characteristics.

High output torque and speed Stepper motors for closed-loop hybrids

Hybrid stepper motors are extremely efficient and do not overheat.

Smooth, fast stop at high speed, smooth oscillation operation at zero speed, low vibration.

Rapid response time makes it suitable for frequent start/stop situations.

We are committed to creating the smoothest, most accurate and most innovative stepper motors available anywhere. Today, we have a wide range of standard and custom stepper motors, BLDC motors, linear actuators and drives. Casun always offers high quality, affordable products and excellent customer service. They are widely used in finance, communications, medical equipment, printers, intelligent stage lighting, 3D printing, engraving machines, textile machinery, drones, robots, CNC machines, laser processing machines, engraving machines, woodworking machinery and many other applications.

If you have any questions about stepper motors, you can call us for more information.

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