Fude Electronic: Stepper Motor Manufacturer from China
Fude Electronic: Stepper Motor Manufacturer from China

With the development of microelectronics and computer technology, the demand of stepping motor is increasing day by day, which has been applied in various economic fields, especially in the field of CNC machine tool manufacturing. Since there are a growing list of stepper motor manufacturers and stepper motor brands on the market, you may be entangled with which is the best one when you are in the purchase of stepping motor. Choosing the right stepper motor manufacturer is not a task to be taken lightly, that’s why, Fude Electronic comes in and gradually stands out from a crowd of competitors. WHY?


Let’s reach out to Fude Electronic!


Fude Electronic is a professional stepper motor supplier from China majoring in step motor, BLDC motor, linear actuators and drives for over 10 years. We are committed to providing the most accurate and most innovative, and the smoothest stepper motors that are able to used everywhere.

- Customize stepper motor

We have a wide range of standard and custom stepper motors, including but not limited to nema 8 stepper motor, nema 11 stepper motor, nema 14 stepper motor, 17 stepper motor, nema 34 stepper, and more. Customization is welcome!!! Multiple options are here!

- With an excellent team

We have an excellent team with considerate service and rich experience in the research and production of stepping motor. We are solution provider for all projects.

- Application scope

Our stepping motor is widely used in Many Fields such as Finance, Communication, Medical Equipment, Printers, Intelligent Stage Lighting, 3D Printing, Engraving Machines, Textile Machinery, Drone, Robots, Digit Control Machine Tools, Laser Processing Machines, Engraving Machines,Woodworking Machinery And Other Industries.

- Quality control

Stepper motor has passed IS09001, CE RoHS and so on. Beyond that, the step motor is inspected with precision instruments, including motor size, performance and electrical parameters and so on.

- Advanced equipment

With a complete set of advanced equipment, not only standard stepper motor bust also custom stepper motor can be manufactured. OEM/ ODM is accepted!


When you are in the market for the best stepper motor, we believed that our stepping motor with its good adaptability and stability will be your ideal choice. And you will be in good hands with Fude Electronic for further business!




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