How efficient is the brake stepper motor ?
How efficient is the brake stepper motor ?

The ordinary stepping motor will not lock itself when it is powered on. To realize the power-off self-locking, a holding brake device (brake device) needs to be installed at the tail of the stepping motor and connected in parallel to the circuit of the stepping device. When the motor is powered on, the holding brake is also powered on, the brake device is separated from the output shaft of the stepping motor, and the motor operates normally. When the power is powered off, the brake is released and tightly holds the motor shaft.
Brake stepper motors are widely used in semiconductor equipment, bonding machines, packaging machinery, textile machinery, CNC machine tools, biological analysis and testing instruments, various workstations, optical testing equipment, laser focusing equipment, taper puller, automobile testing and other equipment. With electromagnetic brake stepper motor, also known as brake stepper motor. The stepping motor itself has a holding torque. Using the holding torque of the motor can lock the motor when it is powered on, which is equivalent to braking. However, if the holding torque of the stepping motor is not large enough and greater locking torque is required, or the stepping motor loses the holding torque after power failure, the stepping motor with brake can be considered.
The brake of stepping motor generally includes spring brake and permanent magnet brake. The permanent magnet brake has faster response speed (it can be locked within 50ms), low noise and less heating. It can be powered on brake or power off brake, but power off brake is commonly used. It adopts advanced stepper motor production technology. The stepper motor produced is made of rare earth permanent magnet. In each design step, the process passes careful design, compliance with manufacturing tolerance and strict quality control. Therefore, our drive system has high cost performance and high stability, High precision and other characteristics have been highly praised in various industries. The brake motor provided adopts the world's new permanent magnet brake. Compared with the ordinary spring brake, it has the advantages of low noise, fast reflection, long service life, low heating and low power consumption.
The brake stepper motor is mainly suitable for the transmission mechanism of vertical and horizontal movement. It is fixed and maintained in place after power failure, and the normal operation of the motor will not be affected when powered on. It is the preferred braking unit for z-axis motion system. Now it is widely used in multi axis linkage manipulator, automation equipment, fixture and metallurgical tools.

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