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How Stepper Motors Function For Industrial Needs
How Stepper Motors Function For Industrial Needs

Nema Stepper Motor, Closed Loop Stepper Motor, Planetary Gear Motor

A stepper motor is a simple electromechanical device that generates electrical power. It is also a synchronous, brushless electric motor that divides one full rotation into several expansive steps. One can easily control the motor's position accurately without needing feedback. It can occur only if the motor is sized accurately to the machine. Nema Stepper Motor is from the same family of switched reluctance motors.

The theory of operation behind the motor is using magnets that can turn the motor shaft to a precise distance under the provision of a pulse of electricity. The rotor is installed with six poles, while the stator is equipped with eight poles. The main benefit of a Closed Loop Stepper Motor is that its rotation angle is proportional to the input pulse. Hence, repeatability of movement and precise positioning since suitable motors often have an accuracy of around 3-5% of a single step. This error is that the step is non-cumulative from one cyclic step to another.

Planetary Gear Motor contain an exceptional response to reversing, starting, and stopping. In addition, they are highly reliable since they do not contain any brushes in contact with the motor. Hence, the life of the stepper motors is solely dependent on the bearing. The stepper motor's response towards a digital input pulse consists of an open-loop control that makes the motor structure less complicated and easy to control.

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