How to choose a ball screw stepper motor?
How to choose a ball screw stepper motor?

Ball screw stepping motor is a kind of linear stepping motor. Because the externally driven ball screw, the screw and the motor rotor are integrated into one as the motor output shaft, so it is named as the ball screw stepping motor.


The working principle is that when the stepper motor rotates, the nut moves linearly along the lead screw. Provide a variety of motor lengths, a variety of screw lead, a variety of screw strokes for customers to choose freely.


So how should the ball screw stepper motor be selected? You can refer to the following points

1. What is the maximum speed?

As the speed of the ball screw stepper motor increases, the torque will decrease, so the speed can be referred to as a selection criterion.


2. How to calculate the distance per walk?

Each step refers to the displacement of the slider in the axial direction when the ball stepping motor rotates by one step angle. Each step = lead / (360°/step angle), which is a well-founded reference.


3. How to solve the noise problem of ball screw stepping motor?

Confirm whether the ball screw stepping motor is running in the low-speed resonance area. Generally, the motor is prone to low-frequency resonance when running within 200pps. On the premise of ensuring that the load can be pushed, the drive current should be reduced as much as possible to reduce noise.


If you can meet the above 3 standards, you are right to choose a ball screw motor, because with its excellent development capabilities, it provides high-performance hybrid linear stepping motors and high-quality lead screws and nuts. Such manufacturers have such craftsmanship, The product made will definitely meet your standards.


Externally driven linear stepping motor (including threaded screw and ball screw), through-shaft linear stepping motor, push rod linear stepping motor, permanent magnet linear stepping motor.

• Maximum thrust up to 1100N

• Standard lead from 0.6 to 25.4mm

• Maximum speed up to 254mm/s

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