How to choose a stepper motor for a 3D printer?
How to choose a stepper motor for a 3D printer?

The correct choice depends on the required torque. This is because these motors are classified according to their torque ratings. There are basically 3 types of stepper motors: thin, standard and high torque. Now, unless you know the torque requirements of a particular 3D printer, you will not be able to choose. In addition, choosing the wrong option will cost you a huge price because it simply cannot be used. This is a brief description of each aspect to help you get your job done easily.

   Thin stepper motor: This is an ideal choice for lightweight or low-torque applications. It is compact and has a rated torque of It is the best choice for direct drive extruders, and its biggest advantage is its low price and compact design.

  Standard stepping motor: As the name suggests, this is a standard option with a torque rating of This is the most popular choice and works with most 3D printers. It is larger than a thin stepper motor and has a wide range of applications.

   High torque stepper motor: This is the largest and most powerful, with a rated torque of Because they are large, they can only be used in fixed locations. They are most suitable for CNC work, not for 3D printing. Therefore, you can basically ignore these.

  After determining the required motor type according to the torque, the best motor can be selected according to the rated current, inductance, resistance, rated voltage, etc.

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