How to choose stepper motor?
How to choose stepper motor?

1. First, determine the torque required by the stepping motor to drive the load
The simplest way is to add a lever on the load shaft and pull the lever with a spring scale. The tension multiplied by the length of the force arm is the load torque. Or it can be calculated theoretically according to the load characteristics. As the stepper motor is a control motor, the maximum torque of the commonly used stepper motor at present does not exceed 45nm. The greater the torque, the higher the cost. If the motor torque you choose is large or exceeds this range, you can consider adding and reducing the speed device.

2. Determine the maximum operating speed of the stepper motor
The speed index is very important in the selection of stepping motor. The characteristic of stepping motor is that the torque decreases with the increase of motor speed. The speed of the decline is related to many parameters, such as the driving voltage of the driver, the phase current of the motor, the phase inductance of the motor, the size of the motor, etc. the general law is that the higher the driving voltage is, the slower the torque decreases; The larger the phase current of the motor, the slower the torque drop. In the design scheme, the speed of ordinary open-loop motor shall be controlled within 1000 rpm and that of closed-loop stepping motor shall be controlled within 2000 rpm.

3. According to the two important indexes of maximum load torque and maximum speed
If you think the motor you choose is too large, you can consider adding and distributing speed reducer, which can save cost and make your design more flexible. To select the appropriate reduction ratio, we should comprehensively consider the relationship between torque and speed and select the best scheme.

4. Finally, a certain (such as 30%) torque margin and speed margin should be considered.

5. Try to choose hybrid stepping motor, which has better performance than reflective stepping motor.

6. Try to select the subdivision drive and make the drive work in the subdivision state.

7. When selecting, don't go into the misunderstanding of only looking at the motor torque, that is to say, the larger the motor torque is, the better. It should be considered together with the speed index.

8. In the case of high speed requirements, the driver with higher driving voltage can be selected.

9. There is no specific requirement whether two-phase or three-phase is used in purchase, as long as the step angle can meet the use requirements.

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