How to prevent motor burning in operation?
How to prevent motor burning in operation?

There are five main points


1. Always keep the motor clean. During the operation of the motor, dust, water stains and other sundries are not allowed within 3 meters around the air inlet to prevent the motor from being sucked into the motor, forming short-circuit medium, or damaging the insulation layer of the conductor, causing short-circuit between the boxes, increasing current and temperature, and burning the motor. Therefore, to ensure that the motor has sufficient insulation resistance and good ventilation and cooling environment, the motor can maintain a safe and stable working state in long-term operation.


2. Keep the motor working under the rated current. The overload operation of the motor is mainly caused by excessive load, low voltage, or mechanical stagnation. If the overload time is too long, the motor will absorb a lot of active power from the power grid, the current will increase sharply, and the temperature will also rise. At high temperature, the insulation of the motor will be aged and destroyed.

Therefore, during the operation of stepping motor, it is necessary to check whether the transmission device is flexible and reliable, whether the concentricity of coupling is standard and the flexibility of gear transmission, etc. in case of stagnation, stop the machine immediately to find out the causes and eliminate the fault before running.


3. To check the temperature of the motor, it is necessary to check the temperature of the bearing, stator, shell and other parts of the motor for abnormal changes, especially for the motor without voltage, current and frequency monitoring and without overload protection, the monitoring of temperature rise is more important. Whether the motor bearing is overheated and short of oil. If it is found that the temperature rise near the bearing is too high, it should be stopped immediately for inspection. Whether there are cracks, scratches or defects on the surface of the rolling element and raceway of the bearing, whether the bearing clearance is unduly shaking, whether the inner ring rotates on the shaft, etc. In case of any of the above phenomena, the bearing must be renewed before operation.


4. Observe whether the motor has vibration, noise and abnormal smell. If the motor vibrates, the different centrality of the load connected to it will increase, resulting in the increase of motor load and overload operation, which will burn the motor. Therefore, during the operation of the motor, especially the high-power motor, it is necessary to frequently check whether the anchor bolt, motor end cover, bearing gland are loose, whether the grounding device is reliable, and timely solve the problems found. The noise and peculiar smell are the precursor of abnormal operation of the motor, and then serious faults occur. It is necessary to find out the causes and eliminate them at any time.


5. To ensure the normal operation of the starting equipment, the technical state of the motor starting equipment plays a decisive role in the normal starting of the motor. Practice has proved that most of the burned out motors are caused by abnormal starting equipment. Such as the start-up equipment phase loss start, contactor contact arcing, ignition, etc. The maintenance of start-up equipment is mainly cleaning and fastening. If the contact of the contactor is not clean, it will increase the contact resistance, cause heating, burn the contact, cause phase loss and burn the iron core rust and dust accumulation of the motor contactor pull-in coil, which will make the coil not tightly closed, and produce strong noise, increase the coil current, burn the coil and cause failure.


Therefore, the electrical control cabinet should be set in a dry, ventilated and easy to operate position, and regular dust removal. Frequently check whether the contactor contact, coil core, wiring screws, etc. are reliable, and whether the mechanical parts act flexibly, so as to keep them in good technical state, so as to ensure the smooth start-up without burning the motor.

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