How to set the working speed of stepping motor?
How to set the working speed of stepping motor?

Considering the driving capacity of stepping motor, friction of mechanical assembly and bearing capacity of mechanical parts, the maximum speed of each axis can be modified in the manufacturer's parameters to limit the maximum speed of three axes actually used by machine tool users. So, how to set it?

1. According to the installation position of the zero point sensor of the three axes of the stepping motor, set the return to mechanical origin parameter in the manufacturer's parameters. When the setting is correct, run "return to mechanical origin" in the "operation" menu. First return to the single axis. If the movement direction is correct, continue to return. Otherwise, stop and reset the direction of returning to the mechanical origin in the manufacturer's parameters until all axes can return to the mechanical origin.

2. Set the automatic refueling parameter (set it smaller, such as adding oil once every 5 seconds), and observe whether the automatic refueling is correct. If it is correct, set the automatic refueling parameter to the actual required parameter.

3. Check whether the set value of electronic gear and pulse equivalent match. You can make a mark on any axis of the machine tool, set the coordinate of the point as the working zero point in the software, make the axis walk a fixed distance by directly entering the command, inching or hand wheel, and measure whether the actual distance is attached to the coordinate display distance in the software with a vernier caliper.

4. Determine whether there is missing pulse. An intuitive method can be used: use a sharp knife to point a point on the workpiece blank, set the point as the working origin, raise the Z axis, and then set the Z axis coordinate to 0; Repeatedly move the machine tool, such as running a typical machining program with an empty tool (including three-axis linkage), you can pause or stop during machining, then return to the workpiece origin, slowly lower the z-axis, and see whether the tool tip is consistent with the point on the blank. If there is any deviation, please check the type of pulse signal received by the stepping driver and check whether the wiring between the terminal board and the driver is wrong.

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