Influence of operating environment on motor
Influence of operating environment on motor

The use of stepper motor is limited by the temperature and humidity of the workplace, and its use place is not limited to the house. OA machines are generally used in places with good indoor environment, and stepper motors are in a sealed state; however, when used in automobiles and FA machines, they will also be in dusty environment; or they will be placed outside the house (monitors, etc.) or used in high temperature environment. The standard models of stepper motor manufacturers are specified on the samples. If you want special order, you should consult with the manufacturer.


1. Ambient temperature
There are many step motors with equal pole e insulation. The operating environment temperature of Grade E is 50 ℃, the temperature rise of motor is below 70 ℃, and the coil temperature should not exceed 120 ℃. When the stepping motor is actually installed, it is usually installed on the metal bottom plate or the outer wall. At this time, the metal box installed with stepping motor can play the function of heat sink, and the temperature rise is smaller than that when the motor is measured separately.
Temperature control measures are to add external cooling fan or make the motor stop or reduce power operation. When the motor is running at high temperature, the insulation grade of coil is B, F or H. At this time, not only the insulation level is improved, but also the bearing grease or permanent magnet should also take high temperature resistance measures.


2. Humidity
The determination of temperature and humidity is usually based on non condensation. At this time, the rust and corrosion of iron core and permanent magnet are mainly considered. In particular, Hb stepper motor in high temperature and humidity conditions, the air gap between the stator and rotor must not appear rust phenomenon. Improve the use environment, so that it does not exceed the environmental requirements of production regulations. If there are special requirements, consult with the manufacturer.


3. Dust proof type
The dust-proof type is mainly used in conductive, bearing and other places, so that it will not be invaded by dust. Most of them use rubber or resin to protect the coil part, outlet part, bearing part, etc. At this time, consult with the manufacturer.

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