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How are the stator and rotor products wound? What is the working principle and winding process of the winding machine?

December 7, 2022

    The name of the winding machine indicates that it is used for winding, winding wire products to fixed objects, but here it mainly refers to the winding of stator rotor products, and the main wire is enamelled wire.


    Give us a simple example! When 8090 was a child, my mother could knit sweaters. Many sweaters were fried dough twist shaped. It was very inconvenient to draw threads and knot easily when knitting sweaters. In order to solve this problem, fried dough twist shaped wool was usually wound into a wool ball, which would make knitting sweaters more convenient. This winding process is almost what the winding machine needs to do. How does the winding machine work?


    The working principle of the winding machine is mainly related to the winding process. When the winding diagram of the stator and rotor is available, the corresponding winding program will be made. After being imported into the PLC system, it can be controlled. After the debugging is completed, it is a set of fully automatic processes. Press the start button, and the nozzle starts to operate with the wire. According to the winding program, the external winding machine generally uses the flying fork type winding, and the internal winding machine generally uses the upper and lower winding to complete the whole process, If problems occur during the period, you can pause or adjust the speed within the allowable range. It mainly includes three aspects: automatic wire laying, automatic winding and automatic transposition. When the wire is wound, the machine will automatically cut the wire, and then the product can be removed and replaced with a stator product. If other products need to be processed, the mold can be removed and the corresponding mold can be replaced. In this way, the reverse operation will form an assembly line mode, and the mass production of the stator and rotor can be realized.


    With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, as well as the expansion of industrial demand, the traditional winding mode can no longer meet the winding demand of stator and rotor, and has been gradually replaced. The new fully automatic winding machine has begun to sweep the market and gradually applied to the winding of various industries. Such as: aircraft model motor, balance car motor, scooter motor, new energy vehicle motor, rotary transformer, fan stator, twisting car motor, radiator fan stator, plant protection machine, various outer winding stator, etc., or brushless motor winding of electric tools, water pumps, stepping motors, vacuum cleaner motors, gate gates, winches, etc.


    It can be seen that the winding machine is widely used in many industries. However, in order to meet more demands and mass production, the winding machine still needs continuous improvement and development. I believe that the winding machine can be more powerful in the future!