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How to deal with the inertia mismatch of stepping motor?

February 18, 2023

    Inertia mismatch is the difference between system inertia and stepping motor inertia. For machines operated by stepper motors, it is recommended to avoid large inertia mismatch. 1、 In addition to the inertia of the system it drives, the stepper motor itself also has the inertia that must be overcome. Second, friction further affects inertia. Third, too much torque from the oversized stepping motor will cause a series of problems.

    Inertia mismatch greatly affects the operation mode of stepping motor. Due to the extremely mismatched inertia, the motor cannot accelerate and decelerate rapidly. If they have enough torque, but there is inertia mismatch, the load may not start or stop at the appropriate time or place. In the most extreme cases, inertia mismatch will lead to skip or stepping motor not working... as well as noise, vibration and heat.

    There are several ways to deal with inertia mismatch. One is to simply adjust the size and matching of the motor and the load, and ensure that the inertia ratio of the load to the rotor is between 1:1 and 10:1 or close to this ratio... 3:1 is applicable to high-performance systems.

    If this is not feasible for some reason, some techniques can be used to deal with excessive inertia mismatch. One way is to drive the motor through a long time of acceleration and deceleration, so that the motor will not miss the number of steps, and there will be no asynchronous situation. A warning: This will reduce efficiency and throughput, because it takes more time to reach full speed and full shutdown. One solution is to use a reasonably designed gearbox on the motor. This can solve the inertia mismatch problem, although it will introduce more design considerations and complexity.



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