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The development history of stepper motors.


Latest company news about The development history of stepper motors.

    1960s: The earliest implementation of stepper motor was achieved by changing the direction of the motor's electromagnetic poles. Subsequently, more sophisticated eddy-current type and magnetic field type stepper motors were developed, and the control methods of these stepper motors also gradually became more advanced.


    1980s: With the continuous development of integrated circuit technology, the intelligence level of controller increased, and stepper motors began to be widely used. During this period, the performance and control methods of stepper motors continued to improve.


    Early 21st century: With the continuous advancement of computer technology, the precision and efficiency of stepper motor control have been greatly improved. More types of stepper motors have been launched, such as two-phase, three-phase, five-phase, six-phase, etc., according to different application scenarios.


    Future: With the rapid development of industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, stepper motors will develop towards more intelligent, efficient, and networked directions. It is expected that stepper motors will further improve their control precision and efficiency, reduce costs and volumes, and provide more reliable and efficient services for industrial automation production.

In summary, stepper motors continue to meet people's needs for precision and efficiency through continuous development and innovation, and their application scope continues to expand. They will play an important role in broader fields.



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