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What is the relationship between the two? What's the role?

March 8, 2023

    With the rapid development of the electrical machinery industry, the application of electrical machinery has gradually penetrated into all walks of life, which has brought great help to our production and life. Many friends are interested in electrical machinery, and are curious why it can be turned on? What is inside the motor?

    What are the motor stator and rotor?

    The internal part of the motor is mainly composed of two parts, the stator and the rotor, which I believe you have heard. The fixed part is called the stator, the rotating part is called the rotor, and the other parts are composed of the driver, end cover, fan blade, shell, etc.

    What is the role of stator and rotor?

    1. The main function of the stator is to generate magnetic field, which is composed of iron core, coil winding and base. The coils are distributed in the stator core, and when the current passes through, the induction electromotive force is generated, and the electric energy is converted.

    2. The rotor is mainly composed of iron core, rotating shaft, winding, magnet, etc. As a part of the magnetic circuit of the motor, its main function is to induce electromotive force, generate electromagnetic torque from the current, and the rotating shaft is the main component that supports the weight of the rotor, transmits torque, and outputs mechanical power.

    Strictly speaking, there are magnetic fields on the stator and rotor. The difference is that the rotor generates magnetism through electrical transformation and the stator generates electricity through magnetic transformation. Both are collectively referred to as armature magnetic fields. During the process of changing the phase sequence of the motor stator power supply, the stator magnetic field also changes and the motor keeps rotating.



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