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Company news about When does the brake stepper motor need to be used?

When does the brake stepper motor need to be used?


Latest company news about When does the brake stepper motor need to be used?

I. Many motors are classified according to the working power supply
1. DC AC
2. Internal structure synchronous asynchronous or brushless with brush
3. Purpose drive control


II. What is a drive? What is control?
Drive: it means that the motor lock can drive the mechanism to move all the time, and the kinetic energy required to continue is called the drive motor
Speed regulating motor and three-phase asynchronous motor are usually used for large conveying. If we need greater output torque, we need speed reducing motor and variable frequency motor
Control: it is hoped that the motor lock driving mechanism can achieve multi position control and frequent stop, which is called control motor, such as stepping motor and servo motor


III. Understand the application of the motor, then analyze why the brake is used?
A lifting mechanism, such as screw rod and timing belt, is lifted with brake
When the speed is low, the torque increases, and when the speed is fast, the torque decreases
When the motor stops working and the power is cut off, how much torque do you need to rotate by hand to turn it, and this torque is called positioning torque
When the stepper motor is powered on, the torque of fast speed and slow speed is much larger than the positioning torque
When the motor works, it can take the mechanism to rise. When the motor stops, it cannot guarantee that the platform mechanism will not fall down. This is why we need to use the brake to lock and drag the shaft to position the height and accuracy of the platform
To sum up, for the stepper motor equipped with brake, the permanent magnet brake adopted has the characteristics of fast response, large holding force, long service life, etc. When the motor moves up and down, the torque can be maintained when the equipment is powered off, so that the working object will not fall, which further improves the diversity of easy use of the stepper motor.


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