Stepper Motor

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Stepper Motor,Hybrid Stepper Motor,Nema 17 Stepper Motor,Planetary Gear Motor,Stepper Motors For Sale What is a hybrid stepper motor? Hybrid stepper motors, which are DC motors with brushless motors, move at specific angles (called "stepping") by converting an array of electrical pulses to rotary motion. They don't produce continuous motion with a continuous input voltage but they can stay in a certain position as long the power is on. For control, hybrid stepper motors use discrete electric pulse signals. Each pulse rotates the stepper motor shaft at a fixed angle known as a "step". Hybrid stepper motors are available in a variety of different step angles (0.45deg, 0.9deg, 1.8deg). If you want to know more about hybrid stepper motors, please feel free to consult our product manager.
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