Problems needing attention when starting stepping motor
Problems needing attention when starting stepping motor

The stepping motor may not start normally due to various problems. Even if it can start normally, the operation effect of the motor is not guaranteed to be completely normal. Therefore, users are required to pay attention to the following problems in motor starting, so as to optimize the motor starting operation and ensure that the motor can operate normally after starting. What problems should be paid attention to in the starting of stepping motor? Please pay attention to the following points:
1. After the power is connected, if the motor does not turn, the power supply shall be cut off immediately. Do not hesitate to wait, and do not live check the motor fault, otherwise the motor will be burned and dangerous.
2. Do not connect all the wires to be connected at the beginning, only connect them into the most basic system, and then connect them step by step after running well.
3. During start-up, pay attention to the working conditions of motor, transmission device and load machinery, as well as the indications of ammeter and voltmeter on the line. If there is any abnormality, immediately cut off the power for inspection, and start up after troubleshooting.
4. When starting the motor with manual compensator or manual star delta starter, pay special attention to the operation sequence. The handle must be pushed to the start position first, and then connected to the operation position after the motor speed is stable, so as to prevent equipment and personal accidents caused by misoperation.
5. The motors on the same line shall not be started at the same time. Generally, they shall be started one by one from large to small, so as to avoid multiple motors starting at the same time. The current on the line is too large and the voltage is reduced too much, resulting in motor starting difficulty, line fault or switch off of switchgear.
6. Within half an hour of starting operation, closely observe the state of the motor, such as whether the movement is normal, sound and temperature rise. If any problem is found, stop the machine immediately for adjustment.
Whether the power supply voltage is appropriate (overvoltage is likely to cause damage to the drive module); The + / - polarity of DC input must not be connected incorrectly, and whether the motor model or current setting value on the drive controller is appropriate (not too large at the beginning);
7. When starting, if the rotation direction of the motor is reversed, immediately cut off the power supply and change the position of any two of the three-phase power lines to change the direction of the motor.

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