Seven advantages of closed-loop stepping motor.
Seven advantages of closed-loop stepping motor.

1. Closed loop control technology, like AC servo system, does not lose step. The position encoder is installed to make the motor have the closed-loop characteristics of servo motor, which fundamentally solves the step loss problem of traditional stepping motor.


2. High speed performance of large lifting motor. The effective torque of the motor can be increased by more than 30%.


3. Effectively reduce the calorific value of the motor. The output current of the driver increases and decreases with the increase of load and speed.


4. Shorten the response time of motor acceleration and deceleration. The position response output and input command signals are almost synchronized in real time, so it is very suitable for short-distance rapid start and stop and zero speed stable stop.


5. There is no oscillation when the motor stops braking. The hybrid servo drive system has the unique torque holding characteristics of the stepping motor, which can stably reach the set position and avoid oscillation.


6. The motor runs more smoothly and has higher accuracy. Using the most advanced special motor DSP chip, the smooth motion control of stepping motor is realized by using vector control and smooth filtering technology.


7. Without gain adjustment, it is very convenient to use. The hybrid servo system has the advantages of both the convenience of using the stepping motor and the reliability of the servo system. It can be used conveniently without tedious parameter debugging.

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