Understanding different types of stepper motor
Understanding different types of stepper motor

In terms of stepper motor, it’s one of the essential parts in the motion control system. Besides, stepping motor is a kind of DC synchronous motor. In this article, we’ll, first and foremost, begin with the introduction of different types of stepper motor.


Different types of stepper motor

The following are the three main stepper motor types.

- Permanent Magnet Stepper

The rotor of pm stepper motor is composed of permanent magnet, which interacts with the electromagnet of stator to produce rotation and torque. PM stepper motors usually have lower power requirements and can produce more torque units of input power.

- Variable Reluctance Stepper

VR stepper rotor is not built with permanent magnet. Instead, they are made of pure iron, like a gear, with protrusions or "teeth" around the circumference of the rotor. However, this precision is usually at the cost of torque.

- Hybrid Syncronous Stepper

The HS stepper rotor uses the best characteristics of PM and VR steppers. The rotor of hybrid stepper has a permanent magnet core, and the circumference is composed of ordinary iron and teeth. Therefore, the hybrid synchronous motor has high angular resolution and high torque.


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