What are the parameters of stepper motor driver ?
What are the parameters of stepper motor driver ?

The basic parameters of stepper motor driver are as follows:

Ⅰ.The power supply can be selected according to the power supply specification of the driven stepping motor. For AC power supply, such as ac80v, 220V mains power can be supplied to the driver through the step-down transformer. When selecting transformer, the working parameters of voltage and current must be considered at the same time. If the current value is 3a, it is calculated by the formula 80V × 3A = 240W is the apparent power value, which can not reach the actual output capacity of 3A. The calculation result shall be multiplied by a factor of more than 1.5, and 220 / 80V and 400va transformers shall be selected as the power input. The power supply of two-phase motor is generally 12 ~ 48V.

Ⅱ.Output current value. The marked value of the product is often the peak energy output capacity. When selecting, it should be at least 2 times of the rated current of the stepping motor.
The gear of output current is generally manually set by the dial switch on the operation panel, such as 0.9a-3a. This is also an overload protection setting. The setting value can refer to the working current value of the stepping motor. Generally, there are 8-level setting grades.

Ⅲ.Excitation mode: full step, half step, 4 subdivision, 8 subdivision, 16 subdivision, 32 subdivision and 64 subdivision. Half step is actually 2 subdivision. The higher the subdivision level, the smaller the step torque angle and the lower the motor speed. The control panel of the stepping driver is also equipped with a subdivision dial switch to set the subdivision value.

Ⅳ.Holding torque:
It refers to the torque when the stepping motor is energized but does not rotate, and the stator locks the rotor. The torque is usually one of the most important parameters to keep the stepping motor close to the torque at low speed. Because the output torque of stepping motor decreases with the increase of speed, and the output power also changes with the increase of speed, the holding torque has become one of the most important parameters to measure the stepping motor. For example, when people say 2n M stepper motor, unless otherwise specified, refers to the holding torque of 2n M stepper motor.

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