What are the reasons for the abnormal operation of stepping motor?
What are the reasons for the abnormal operation of stepping motor?

The stepper motor driver is an electronic device specially used to drive the stepper motor. It converts the pulse signal sent by the control system into the angular displacement of the stepper motor, or the stepper motor rotates one step angle through the driver every time the control system sends a pulse signal. By controlling the frequency and pulse number of stepping pulse signal, the motor can be accurately regulated and positioned.
The stepping motor and driver will be short circuited or even burned due to improper use, humidity, water seepage and dust. Therefore, it is very necessary to design a perfect protection circuit for stepping motor and driver. For high-voltage stepping motor and driver, there are still some special problems to be considered in the protection under various abnormal conditions.
Analysis of abnormal operation of high voltage and high current stepper motor drive: H-bridge circuit is usually used to drive high voltage and high current two-phase hybrid stepper motor. The high voltage power supply VH passes through the drive motor windings La and lb of IGBT tubes Q1 ~ Q8. RH is the upper current sampling resistance, and R1 and R2 are the lower current sampling resistance.
Analysis of abnormal working conditions of driving circuit: in the use of the driver, phase dislocation and overcurrent are the two most common abnormal working conditions of stepping motor driver. Phase staggering is the short circuit between the positive and negative poles of the same phase winding of the stepping motor, the short circuit between phases, the short circuit between the winding and the ground or the short circuit between the winding and the high voltage, etc.
The phase winding of the motor will also be short circuited to ground or high voltage due to water inflow of the motor (short circuit between in-phase winding a + and a - or between phase winding a + and B +, a + and B - etc.). At this time, the current flowing through the driver will become very large in an instant, and the temperature of H-bridge will rise rapidly, resulting in the failure of normal operation of the motor and even burning the motor and driver, resulting in more serious fire and other consequences.

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