What checks need to be done before using a stepper motor?
What checks need to be done before using a stepper motor?

Once the stepper motor runs in a bad state, the motor will not be able to play a good function due to the poor operation effect, and it will cause serious safety problems and serious accidents, thus bringing economic losses to everyone. . Therefore, when you use the motor, you must ensure that its state is completely normal. This requires you to check the motor before starting it, especially the following two aspects of the motor.


Ventilation: Before use, check the ventilation of the stepper motor to ensure that the motor is in a good ventilation state, otherwise if the motor starts to run without ventilation, the temperature rise caused by the operation will be very obvious. If it cannot be distributed, it will cause the motor to heat up greatly. In the long run, it will not only damage the furniture motor, shorten the life of the motor, but also may cause safety problems.


Bearing lubrication: Before use, check the bearing lubrication of the stepping motor to see if the bearing lubrication effect is good. If the bearing is found to be poorly lubricated, add a sufficient amount of lubricating oil. If it is found that there are many impurities mixed in the lubricating oil, it is necessary to clean the bearing first, remove the original lubricating oil, and then add new clean lubricating oil to lubricate the bearing.

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