What is hollow shaft stepper motor?
What is hollow shaft stepper motor?

What exactly is a hollow shaft stepping motor, why is it designed with a hollow shaft, and what is its use?


Let's take a brief look at the hollow shaft stepper motor without precision requirements:


No precision requirement means that the dimensional accuracy of the hollow shaft or inner hole of the stepping motor is not high, and the inner hole is mainly used for wiring, light transmission, or other media such as air. The design of the hollow shaft stepping motor greatly optimizes the mechanical design, facilitates wiring, and saves design space and production costs.


Next, let's introduce the hollow shaft stepper motor with precision requirements:


Hollow shaft stepping motors with precision requirements have high requirements on the accuracy of the hollow shaft or its inner hole diameter and thread, mainly because such hollow shaft stepping motors are mostly customized to meet the needs of third-party use. for lead screw or ball screw requirements. Such a hollow shaft has higher requirements on the accuracy of the inner hole diameter and thread than the ordinary through-type screw stepping motor.


It is conceivable that the ordinary through-screw stepping motor is similar to the ready-made clothing in the shopping mall, while the hollow-shaft stepping motor with high precision requirements is custom-made clothes and needs to be "tailored", otherwise it is difficult to meet the customer's requirements, and its ultimate purpose is In order to ensure the mechanical accuracy and running accuracy of the entire stepping screw motor.


Hollow shaft motors have a wide range of uses, and can be used as water pumps, ventilation equipment, booster equipment, small hydro-generators, propellers, etc. Simple and easy to use.

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