Why is the stepper motor stuck?
Why is the stepper motor stuck?

The performance of stepper motors usually decline after 700 rpm, and the speed of stepper motors will not rise. The stuttering and out-of-step of stepper motors are obvious. How to solve this situation? The following stepper motor manufacturer introduces what is going on with the motor stalling in the next step.


First, the parameters of the electric machine are changed. Secondly, the power supply voltage of the stepper drive can be increased. Due to the high voltage at high speed, the effective current magnetic field during turning is increased.


If there is no isolation between the AC power supply and the stepper drive DC bus (for example, a transformer), do not connect the non-isolated port or E isolation signal of the DC bus to the earth, which may cause equipment damage and personnel damage. Because the pressure of AC public power is not on the ground, there may be a very high voltage between the DC bus ground and the ground.


1. In most high-voltage stepper drive systems, all public places and locations are connected to the signal terminal. The ground circuits generated by multiple ground connections are susceptible to noise and flow at different reference points.

2. In order to keep the command reference voltage constant, the signal ground of the stepping driver receives the signal ground of the controller. It will also be connected to the external power supply, which will affect the operation of the controller and the stepper motor driver.

3. It is difficult to ground the shielding layer. There are several methods. The correct shield grounding is the reference potential inside the circuit. This point is related to whether the noise source and receiver are grounded or floated at the same time. It is necessary to ensure that the shielding layer is grounded at the same point to prevent ground current from passing through the shielding layer.


In open-loop control, the stepper motor is controlled by pulses of a certain frequency. The PLC directly generates pulses and controls the stepper motor to effectively simplify the hardware circuit of the system and further improve the reliability. PLC is a cyclic scanning operation, and its scanning period is generally between several milliseconds to tens of milliseconds. Therefore, due to the limitation of the PLC working mode and the influence of the scanning period, the stepper motor cannot be operated at high frequencies.

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