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Application Fields of PM Motors

May 5, 2023

    PM motor is a kind of permanent magnet synchronous motor, which integrates permanent magnets on the rotor and is different from traditional induction motors. PM motors have advantages such as high efficiency, high starting torque, high precision, and low noise. They are widely used in many application fields, including:


    Industrial production: PM motors can be used in various automation equipment, production line robots, and are widely used in automated production machinery, die-cutting machines, printing machines, packaging machines, textile machines, etc.


    Transportation: PM motors can be used in the drive motors of electric cars, hybrid cars, electric bicycles, motorcycles, subways, and other transportation tools.


    Household appliances: PM motors can be used in air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, disinfection cabinets, kitchen appliances, and other household appliances.


    Medical: PM motors can be used in electric surgical knives, medical equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, and other medical fields.


    Aerospace: PM motors can be used in satellite positioning systems, missile guidance, solar-powered aircraft, and other aerospace fields.



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