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Company news about Guide for selection of planetary reducer.

Guide for selection of planetary reducer.


Latest company news about Guide for selection of planetary reducer.

    Planetary reducers are often used in the field of precision motion control due to their high torque, high torsional rigidity, low backlash and other characteristics. The application range is very wide, covering almost the entire automation field.


    In the automation industry, as the second general mechanical equipment to be used, how to select the planetary reducer correctly becomes very important. Selecting a suitable reducer can provide greater torque, so as to achieve the best effect at the best speed, reduce the rotational inertia of the load, and increase the stability of the equipment. On the basis of meeting the applicability, the economy should also be considered. That is to say, the technical indicators of the planetary reducer can meet the requirements of the equipment and save costs. Both "over" and "under" will lead to cost waste. So how can we choose the "economical and practical" planetary reducer?


    1. Determine the frame number according to the torque: the power source will have the effect of torque amplification after the reduction ratio. The output torque value of the reducer is proportional to the reduction ratio. The higher the ratio, the higher the torque value will be; However, the gear set of the reducer has limits, so the rated output torque of the planetary reducer means that the product can work stably under this data, so the box number must be selected according to the required torque.


    2. Model depends on accuracy: positioning will be required in the automation process. When the positioning accuracy is higher, higher level  products need to be selected, and vice versa. The precision of the planetary reducer is called "back clearance", which refers to the clearance of the gear set. It is defined as the angle value that the output shaft of the planetary reducer can rotate when the input end is fixed. The smaller the return clearance, the higher the accuracy and the higher the cost. Users can select the appropriate accuracy according to their actual situation.


    3. Select according to the installation size: the size of the front end of the servo motor. The input end of the planetary reducer must match the size of the output end of the servo motor completely.


    4. Select according to appearance: according to customer requirements, there are standard series of output shaft and connecting surface for users to choose from, or customized according to special needs of users.


    5. Selection according to axial radial force: the life of planetary gear reducer is affected by the internal bearing, and the bearing life can be calculated by the load and speed. When the axial radial force load of the gear reducer is high, the bearing life will be shortened. At this time, it is recommended to select a higher grade product.


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