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Company news about How to choose the appropriate driver for stepper motors

How to choose the appropriate driver for stepper motors


Latest company news about How to choose the appropriate driver for stepper motors

    This article will introduce how to choose a suitable driver for a stepper motor, including the characteristics of the driver type, selection steps, and precautions. By selecting the appropriate driver, it can be ensured that the stepper motor can work normally and achieve precise position control and efficient power output.

    Stepper motor is a widely used type of motor in automation control systems, which has significant advantages in positioning and position control. However, in order to compromise the normal operation of the stepper motor, it is necessary to choose a suitable driver. This article will introduce how to choose the appropriate driver for a stepper motor.

    Characteristics of Drive Types

    1. Single phase driver:

    Single-phase drivers typically have lower costs and simple structures, making them suitable for some simple application scenarios. However, due to the limitations of its construction principle, single-phase drivers cannot provide high-precision motion control.

    2. Dual phase drive:

    Dual phase drives typically have higher costs and complex structures, making them suitable for applications that require higher position control accuracy and power output. The dual phase driver can provide stable current output and high gradient current changes, thereby achieving higher positioning accuracy.

    3. Microstep driver:

    The micro step driver can decompose the step angle of the stepper motor into smaller angles, thereby achieving higher position control accuracy. However, the system efficiency of microstep drivers is relatively low, making them suitable for application scenarios that require higher positional accuracy and lower speed requirements.

    Select Steps

    1. Determine the specifications of the stepper motor: Based on the application requirements, select the appropriate parameters of the stepper motor, such as voltage, step angle, number of steps, etc.

    2. Determine the driving method: Determine the required driving method based on the type of stepper motor (dual phase, single-phase, hybrid) and application requirements.

    3. Determine driver subdivision settings: Select appropriate subdivision settings based on application requirements to achieve the required motion accuracy and position control.

    4. Determine motor current: Based on the rated current of the stepper motor and the capacity of the driver, select the appropriate driver current and ensure that it meets the application requirements.

    5. System integration: Ensure that the selected driver is compatible with the integration and communication interface of the entire automation control system.



    1. Driver power: The power of the driver should be sufficient to support the required current and torque. Low power can cause the drive to malfunction, while high power can lead to waste and redundancy.

    2. Driver current: The current setting of the driver must comply with the rated current of the stepper motor, otherwise the motor will not function properly.

    3. Subdivision settings: The selection of subdivision settings should match the application requirements, achieve precise position control and efficient power output.

    4. Driver type: Select different types of drivers according to application requirements to meet specific control requirements.

    Choosing a suitable driver for the stepper motor is crucial for ensuring its normal operation and achieving stable position control. By carefully considering factors such as stepper motor specifications, driving methods, and driver subdivision settings, selecting appropriate drivers can achieve higher motion accuracy and more efficient power output, and ensure the reliability and stability of the entire automation control system. During the selection process, it is recommended to consult professional manufacturers or engineers to ensure the best selection and application solution.


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