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What is the brake stepper motor?


Latest company news about What is the brake stepper motor?

    The stepper motor is equipped with encoder, reducer and brake to improve the application range and performance of the motor, so what is the brake stepper motor?

    The so-called brake stepper motor is to add a holding brake device to the tail of the stepper motor, that is, the brake device.

When the stepper motor is powered on, the holding brake is also powered on, and the brake device will also disengage from the output shaft of the stepper motor, so that the motor can operate normally. When the power is cut off, the brake release tightly holds the motor shaft. Realize the function of frequently starting and stopping a stepper motor to ensure that the motor is powered on or locked off.

    What are the advantages of brake stepper motor and what industry is it widely used in?

    For the stepper motor equipped with brake, the permanent magnet brake adopted has the characteristics of fast response, large retention force, long service life, etc. When the motor moves up and down, when the equipment is powered off, it can maintain the torque, so that the working object will not fall, which additionally improves the diversification of the use convenience of the stepper motor.

    At present, it is widely used in dispensing machines, elevators, CNC machine tools, taper pullers, packaging machines and other automation equipment, because these industries often use start-stop devices when working.



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