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Nema 17 Stepper Motor 12V 42X42X34mm for Casun Brake

Nema 17 Stepper Motor 12V 42X42X34mm for Casun Brake

Casun Brake Stepper Motor

Casun Nema 17 Stepper Motor 12V

42X42X34mm Brake Stepper Motor

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Product Description

In a range of sizes, the 42mm Hybrid Stepper Motor Series provides strong holding torque.

To lessen vibration and produce a greater step resolution, use with a microstepping driver.

Select a standard version or ask for a specially configured version.



  • Versions in unipolar or bipolar are offered.

  • Hybrid stepper building

  • Available in variations with a single or double shaft

  • Within 48 hours, one of our engineers will contact you with the best option.

  • Hybrid stepper building


Motor Specifications


Step Angel


1.8 °

Fram Size


42 mm

Number of Phase


2 Phase

Rated Current


1.2 A

Holding Torque





5.0 om



6.2 mH

Rotor Inertia


38 g-cm²

Motor weight


0.42 kg

Number of leads








Nema 17 Stepper Motor 12V 42X42X34mm for Casun Brake 0




Operating Specifications



Step Angle: 1.8°

Maximum  Temperature :80°C maximum

Ambient Temperature: -20 °C to 50°C

Storage Temperature -20: °C to 100°C

Humidity Range (%) :85% or less, non-condensing

Magnet Wire Insulation :Class B 130 deg C

Insulation Resistance :100M Ohm at 500 VDC

Dielectric Strength :500 VDC for 1 min






Torque Curves 







Casun Model General Model Step Angle Motor Length Rated Current Holding Torque
0.9° Degree
42SHB4002-17 17HM08-1204S 0.9° 20mm 1.2 A 0.11 N.m
42SHB0303-22 _ 0.9° 34mm 0.5A 0.24 N.m
42SHB0509-24B 17HM15-0904S 0.9° 40mm 0.9 A 0.35 N.m
42SHB4608-24B1 17HM19-2004S 0.9° 48mm 2.0 A 0.46 N.m
1.8° Degree
42SHD4950-20B 17HS08-1004S 1.8° 20mm 1.0 A 0.13 N.m
45SHD0513-20B _ 1.8° 26mm 1.2A 0.26N.m
42SHD0008-24 17HS-0316S 1.8° 34mm 0.3 A 0.16 N.m
42SHD4003-20B 17HS13-0404S1 1.8° 34mm 0.4 A 0.26 N.m
42SHD4046-24 17HS13-1334S 1.8° 34mm 1.33 A 0.22 N.m
42SHD0217-24B 17HS4401 1.8° 40mm 1.5 A 0.5 N.m
42SHD0192-24B 17HS15-1504S1 1.8° 40mm 1.5 A 0.45 N.m
42SHD0134-22B 17HS15-1704S 1.8° 40mm 1.7 A 0.44 N.m
42SHD0285-24B 17HS15-0404S 1.8° 40mm 0.4 A 0.4 N.m
42SHD4425-24B 17HS19-2004S1 1.8° 48mm 2.0 A 0.59 N.m
42SHD4463-24B 42BYGHW811 1.8° 48mm 2.5 A 0.48 N.m
42SHD0450-20BH 17HS8401S 1.8° 48mm 1.8A 0.52N.m
42SHD4813-24B 17HS24-2104S 1.8° 60mm 2.1 A 0.8 N.m






If our standard motor cannot meet your needs,

we can customize the motor according to your needs

Customized content includes but is not limited to special shafts, winding parameters, installation dimensions, lead wires with special requirements, connectors, etc.

            Encoder          |               Brake           |              Gearbox            |           Shaft

Nema 17 Stepper Motor 12V 42X42X34mm for Casun Brake 1 Nema 17 Stepper Motor 12V 42X42X34mm for Casun Brake 2 Nema 17 Stepper Motor 12V 42X42X34mm for Casun Brake 3 Nema 17 Stepper Motor 12V 42X42X34mm for Casun Brake 4



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